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Channel Crystal- This carries a seven sided face with a 3 sided face directly opposite it. The rest of the faces may vary. Especially good for Divinations.


Channellers are a common shape of Quartz crystal, distinguishable by the FRONT face being a seven-sided face with the BACK face being a triangle: 7 & 3. (The shape of the other four sides is not relevant to identifying Channellers.) Numerologically, the numbers 7 and 3 are significant in many ancient and modern ways. 3 - the Trinity, represents Unity, Order, Harmony and Perfection throughout the Universe. 

The Triangle is such a sacred ancient Universal symbol of unity, strength, balance, communication and wholeness. More personally, 3 represents personal power and self-knowledge, and the expression and manifestation of that on Earth. A pyramid is a triangle from the side - and has always been about bringing down light from above onto the Earth plane - and 'splaying it’ out.

In the Indian Chakra system, there are seven main chakras on the human body. In the Chinese system of studying Ch’i (energy) – there are three ‘tantiens’ (upper, middle, and lower) meaning ‘centres/heavens’. The centres of these tantians are located approximately where the Sacral, Heart and Third Eye chakras are. 

The seven sides of the front face each represent a valuable life lesson, which the guardian of the crystal (U!) encounters on the way to channelling divine clear energy and unconditional love. The number seven reflects the amount of major chakra points on a human body, the seven major planes of existence (within many eastern and Shamanic philosophies), seven rainbow colours of light, and seven notes in a musical scale, between each octave. Seven also symbolises the mystic, ‘seeker of truth’, one who studies the path, intuition, and anything else seven means to you.

Crystal which has rainbows inside when viewed in bright light. Caused by light being refracted by the prismatic effect of a crack or inclusion. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment.


These rainbow crystals bring rainbows into ones life and are a very special gift from the spirit-keeper of the crystal; they help one to deal with negativity and to maintain the constant awareness that love is within the life one experiences at every moment.


These are very spiritual crystals with a high vibration energy. Lemurian Seed Crystals hold Lemurian energies and information for those that are called to work with them. They anchor light and powerful energy making them useful in healing and all kinds of spiritual work or practices. Lemurian Seeds are cleansing and work with the Crown and Soul Star Chakras. These crystals  activate and connect you with all the Higher Chakras above the Crown Chakra. This makes them a good crystal for those on the spiritual path.


Mankind has a deep connection with Quartz, the most common crystal on Earth. The Quartz family grows in a staggering amounts of different ways, all based on the same atomic shape. Quartz atoms grow in perfect 'double-helix-ical' patterns, like our DNA. 

Every atom is a perfect rainbow of Divine Light - splitting the light into all seven colours. The prismatic nature of Clear Quartz allows it to split natural clear light into the full spectrum of colours, so it can be worked with / attuned with all chakras and colour centres. 

Quartz crystals are able to assist us to perform many different types of healing and Light work. Clear Quartz crystals can help all cells to attain their true optimum state of being. 

Rock Quartz will perform most of the Quartz functions, but a perfect and complete pointed Quartz crystal is most ideal for working with. They are able to channel healing energy direct through their bodies, from base to tip, and out through the point. These crystals can teach us how to channel more purified Unconditional love and healing energy into our environments and to our fellow beings. They cleanse, clarify, lighten and amplify the healing energy, and then focus it via the point. (A crystal with a slightly chipped point will not be able to focus energy so clearly.)

The Clear Quartz energy is naturally very stimulating and focusing. It is not generally a soothing or calming experience to work with Clear Quartz. It can help to attain clarity and calmness in any situation, but is itself a Storm element crystal, and works with the transformational and energetic aspects of the Storm energy. It is both an activating and balancing crystal, whereas most crystals are one or the other.

Natural grown clear Quartz crystals are energizing, activating, and bring light into their surroundings. As they can split light into all the colours, they will seek to enhance cells of all different types and vibratory rates. 

These crystals can aid each cell to rid any unwanted/negative memories/patterns which may be stored, and encourage new regenerative growth, and optimum vibratory frequency. When a cell is not vibrating at its optimum rate, dis-ease/malfunction is likely. New cells are made all the time, but are copied as exact replicas including any disharmonic blueprints. Aside from many other benefits this enables us to sense more clearly the reality of any given situation, and what dynamics are at work. This helps us to stay true to ourselves, and maintain living in a place of LOVE. 

Lemurian Channeller Quartz w Rainbows

SKU: LQ013
  • Lemurian Channel Crystal




    13.15 oz

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